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Quench Medical Aesthetics

Great skin starts with true partnership.  

Skin Care Consult and Curation

Dr. Brooks will assess your skin and make personalized recommendations for regimens including products.  If needed prescription medication will be prescribed or available for purchase.

Hair loss consult

Dr. Brooks will evaluate hair loss.  This may be a series of visits.

Micro Needling

Safe for all skin types this procedure causes microtrauma to the skin to facilitate collagen product and new skin turn over.  Start with a fresh face today!

Skin Peels

We use an all skin types safe peel that treats acne, helps melasma, treats hyperpigmentation and helps skin texture

DPN Removal

Dermatosis Papulosis Nigra is a common skin complaint in people with darker skin.  This benign condition is easily treated with usually only 1 office visit and electrodissication.

Radio-Frequency with Microneedling

Want to tighten and tone without surgery?  Take your face and skin to the next level and look possibly years younger with this procedure proven to tighen skin and improve the appearance of wrinkles.

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