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Pay a monthly or annual membership to partner with Dr. Brooks as a health advocate and trusted medical partner. Same-day access, preventative care, family planning, pediatric care, and acute visits are available.  Take a peek at some member benefits.

Lifestyle Medicine

Eat to beat disease.  What we do day to day makes up the content of our lives, but can be easily hacked with key strategies.   Partner with Dr. Brooks to learn effective but safe and natural treatment for disease. Get off your meds, or at least some of them.  Dr. Brooks also does weight loss counseling.

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Botox Injection
Botox Injection

Aesthetic Medicine

Dr. Brooks is a skin-of-color expert.  Get your glow up with a curated skin program that may include prescription medication.  Safely remove DPNs. Peel without fear.  Resolve hyperpigmentation. Tighten face muscles without surgery.  With a doctor who knows how to effectively but safely treat skin.

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