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  • How does this work?
    Quench clinic is a membership based primary care clinic, commonly known as direct primary care. Every month or year a membership fee is charged and this gets complete access to our physcian Dr. Katrice Brooks with access to her email, personal phone number and on demand virtual or in person visits.
  • Do you take my insurance?
    No, we do not accept any insurance at Quench clinic. We can create an invoice on demand for certain services such as labs but Dr. Brooks does not accept any insurance for her care.
  • Is a membership like insurance?
    Membership will cover primary care needs but it is NOT insurance. It generally accepted that medical debt is the number one cause of bankruptcy. It is recommended you keep some sort of insurance such as catostrophic insurance or even a high deductible plan. Your membership will cover your primary care needs, but it is NOT insurance. We do not sell insurance. Insurance is recommended for things such as: referrals, emergency care, surgery etc. Please reach out with questions.
  • Will there be extra fee's not included in my membership?
    Your basic care is all included in your membership, things like an annual wellness exam, sick visits and follow up visits, simple suturing, wound care etc. There are services that are not routine that will cost an additional fee. You will know exactly what that fee is and it can be paid in office at the time of service. You will also get great discounts on stocked medications, labs, and imaging.
  • I still have questions about membership, can I talk to you directly?"
    Sure! Schedule a quick 15 minute chat with Dr. Brooks to anwser any unanswered questions about the practice here:
  • Help! I'm a member and forgot how to get to the patient portal.
    No problem. Please go to You should have received an invitation to the portal after sigining up for your membership. Please contact me at if you need hlep resetting your password.
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